Who We Are

P1055631-Edit-2Aaron Yarmel, co-founder and Executive Director, is a PhD student at UW-Madison where he works on applied ethics and political philosophy. His current research interests concern the ethics of nonviolent direct action, utilitarian social welfare functions, and musical understanding. He also holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BM from the Eastman School of Music. When he is not philosophizing, he can be found playing the violin and longboarding with his good friend Pansy (who happens to be a pit bull).


Katie Petrik, co-founder, is a PhD student interested in questions at the intersection of philosophy of education and philosophy of science. She holds an MEd in Early Childhood Education, an MA in Philosophy, and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.


GraceGrace Gecewicz is an undergraduate studying philosophy at UW-Madison. After UW, she hopes to attend graduate school, teach in the Milwaukee Public School District, and/or volunteer with the Peace Corps. Grace enjoys spending her free time running outdoors, cooking vegetarian meals, and writing. As a member of Madison Public Philosophy, she wants to use philosophy to create a more tolerant and understanding community.

Emily Hamer is a junior studying journalism and philosophy. Her journalism experience includes serving as the State News Associate Editor and Print News Editor at The Badger Herald. She most likely sees herself having a career in journalism, and she is excited for the opportunity to share her passion for philosophy with the community.

kelsey-1-of-1-2-1.jpgKelsey Low is a sophomore studying philosophy at UW-Madison. She enjoys watching basketball, reading fiction, and volunteering. After the completion of her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a doctorate in philosophy and become a professor. She is excited for Madison Public Philosophy to bridge her passion for volunteering, her love of philosophy, and her commitment to challenging people to be critical and caring thinkers.

Kiyoko Reidy is a junior at UW-Madison studying philosophy and creative writing. She enjoys anything to do with poetry, dogs, and the outdoors. After she completes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to use her skills to help bring a love of the arts and humanities to the community.



Joe Venuta is a junior at UW-Madison studying philosophy. Having grown up on the west side, Joe is excited to share his love for philosophy with the Madison community and public school system. Outside his academic interests, he enjoys backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.