Consulting and Workshops

Philosophical tools can be practical useful in a wide variety of situations. Madison Public Philosophy offers consulting services and workshops for individuals and organizations that would like to benefit from these tools. Whether it’s figuring out a difficult concept, creating an environment where diverse groups of people work together on terms of equality to explore important issues, or exploring the meaning of life, we are here to help.

“Aaron and Katie gave an engaging and informative presentation to our staff about tools for guiding discussion and dialogue. We learned techniques for encouraging productive student engagement around controversial issues, as well as ideas for how to create a dialogical space that is calm and respectful of all perspectives. Their knowledge of philosophy and group facilitation created an atmosphere where we felt comfortable learning new ideas and exploring ways to incorporate the concepts of intellectual vices and virtues in group discussion.”

-Katie Cummings, Communication Coordinator for the Center for the First-Year Experience at UW-Madison